What Is Fae's Breath

This is a question I am currently rambling around here.
Yes, the Fae mythology will enter here over coming days
I hope you enjoy this quick wandering intro :-) 

When you seek to connect with a divine presence of love

Are you called to the forest?

Called to sacred water?

Or called to a temple new, or ancient?

Our senses were strong and magical when we were children.

The demands of education and career seem to take these away from us. Then, as we mature we seem to discover our senses becoming stronger again,, and even become a 'Calling'. Do you agree?

You know you are bathing within the Fae's Breath, the Boladh na SiĆ³ga when you walking among the trees and your intuition and inspiration becomes, active, clear and present again.

People ask me, and ask each other, is there is a 'tool', a 'special tool', a ritual, or even divine charm, that arouses their inspirations, attracts guidance, even delivers a 'message' that enables making comfortable choices with relationships, resources, and health.

People wonder how they could be part of a 'medicine' that could serve a wider healing and protection of our challenged world, our challenged environment?

We talk about such things, with each other for awhile, as we share tea, scones, or maybe a wee picnic in the woods.

Who of us collapses in bed at night, after a busy, productive day, and travel into a silent prayer?

Are these silent prayers wishes and longing to be shown some way of how we can make a greater contribution and be of better service to our land and the people around us?

May I offer the idea of being among The Trees in a wood or forest at least once a week?

I find the presence of trees, especially when they are among the presence of natural water, which may be a spring well, river, or shoreline, are always a powerful guide.

For me, a combination of trees and water is the most honest and most unconditional guide we can have.

It seems as if people are constantly passionately looking for, and longing for, some spiritual language to speak to them to unlock their 'knowing'. Yet for some reason, they avoid connection to this natural presence that has been here long before humans walked on this earth?

Why do we need to turn towards other 'spiritual' humans who's real intent is to convince us they are more 'holy' than we are?

We can spend years searching for that 'Holy Grail' that can help us to be calmer and clearer in vision, yet it is near us always.

Where is that place where we may trust ourselves again?

Where is that place where we feel free to follow our inner voice, follow that guide that invites us to switch on the 'light'?

What I discovered, seemingly a long long time ago, is how important it is to always be able to return to some native, or at least near native, woodland at least once a week, and let that inner voice surface unconditionally.

Find an outdoors space and explore your questions. Learn to have the courage to walk and live with your questions rather than try to find their answers,

and then revel in your inspired and enlightening responses.

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