Find Your Story - inspiration to voice

enjoy this short pictorial book about my workshop

for those who wish to be writers, composers, performers, or improve their craft,
or anyone seeking to shed old 'baggage', relief stress and calm the chattering mind.

click to read the instant Flip Book version
coolest version, very fast to load and read
great to read on laptops, iPads and tablets

click to read the PDF version  
slow loading but you can save to read later
good to read on tablets and mobile phones
perfect for iBooks, and Android readers
but a bit clutsy to read on laptops and desktops

or read a classic scrolling web site version
still great on desktops and laptops
but awkward for tablets and mobile phones

may I invite you to join a 
Find Your Story workshop?


Find Your Story at Carrowcrory,
and around Ireland, through 2015 will be posted here soon.

When you book into a workshop
I will link you to my 'Find Your Story Workbook'
that expands and becomes a more informative
'How To' version of my Introduction Book above

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