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Do The Trees Call You? :

Where is that place where we can go
to feel free to follow what speaks to us
through our inner voice.?

Where is that sacred place
where inspiration is our guide,
or where our guide speaks to us,
and says it's ok to switch on the light,
to become present and be gifted
with all  we yearn to see, touch, smell,
resonate and drink from?

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Inside here you will find stories and poems of Celtic mythology, fairy stories, tree lore, Divine questions, and a wee bit of mischief, plus some suggested activities to do among trees and within woodlands.

This is a question I am currently rambling around here.
Yes, the Fae mythology will enter here over coming days
I hope you enjoy this quick wandering intro :-) 

When you seek to connect with a divine presence of love

Are you called to the forest?

Called to sacred water?

Or called to a temple new, or ancient?

Our senses were strong and magical when we were children.

The demands of education and career seem to take these away from us. Then, as we mature we seem to discover our senses becoming stronger again,, and even become a 'Calling'. Do you agree?

You know you are bathing within the Fae's Breath, the Boladh na SiĆ³ga when you walking among the trees and your intuition and inspiration becomes, active, clear and present again.

People ask me, and ask each other, is there is a 'tool', a 'special tool', a ritual, or even divine charm, that arouses their inspirations, attracts guidance, even delivers a 'message' that enables making comfortable choices with…