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About Forest Bathing

If I offer an opportunity for arousing inspiration and creativity in the woods,
Bards In The Woods, or
simply a Walk In The Woods,
the reaction is "nah, don't have the time, don't see the point" ...

... but give it an Oriental name and it becomes magical, special, and something I could probably charge thousands of euros to teach :-) .

"Shinrin Yoku" is fast becoming fashionable around the USA and is creeping around Europe now.  Shinrin Yoku means "forest bathing". It simply refers to spending time in the woods for therapy as a kind of "spa", a "bathing".

Among trees in a woodland or forest I notice those with us on Bards In The Woods feel tension slip away, and this is when inspiration flows and beautiful words have been written, often by people who have never written a poem, song, or meaningful story ... or may not have done so since being a child.

For those of us who rely on science for truth, there are reports now out con…